WVLP 103.1 FM – Your Community Radio Station

By Larry Baas

WVLP.LP is your community radio station at 103.1 FM and streaming live at WVLP.org. WVLP, like Hilltop Neighborhood House, HealthLinc, Neighbors’ Educational Opportunities (NEO), Neighbors Place, and dozens of homes throughout the community is a creation of Project Neighbors. WVLP has been on the air for over 20 years and has provided an alternative to most other media that is dominated and controlled by large corporations who are in the media business primarily to make money. For example, locally the ultimate owner of the Post Tribune is Alden Global Capital, a hedge fund, which also owns 6% of Lee Enterprises, a large corporation which owns the Northwest Indiana Times. The absence of external ownership and control allows WVLP to respond to the needs of the community and offer a wide range of creative programming that other venues are unable to provide.

Just take a quick look at some of what WVLP has to offer. You can find just about any type of music you want. To name just a few, Bill Paige offers a Blues Program which is the longest running, continuous program on WVLP. Joe Alessi provides a Jazz program and Chris Pupillo offers a twist on this and features New Orleans Jazz. Throughout the day you can get a good deal of just plain old folk music and some excellent acoustic guitar from our own Paul Schreiner. If your tastes turn to a louder faire, Valpo Math Professor Ken Luther provides a powerful dose of heavy metal. If you just like rock music that spans all genres and decades you can find this on “Dads Rock Radio” program. And for an eclectic mix of music in between programs, you are treated to a wide assortment of programmed music.

Co-hosts of Listen Up!, Allison, Willow, and Reagan broadcast live from WVLP

Co-hosts of Listen Up!, Allison, Willow, and Reagan broadcast live from WVLP.

WVLP offers much more than just good music and provides some very serious and informative programming as well. For example, in “Morning B.L.A.C.K” (Black Leadership and Cultural Knowledge), the Rev. Dr. Gregory Jones provides important insights and discussion on issues of race and diversity in our community and the larger world.

Dawn Pelc and the Porter County Substance Abuse Council host a program entitled “Matters of Substance” where they discuss issues of substance abuse. “House Rap” features Mike Willard and Paul Schreiner. While they laugh a lot, they still provide interesting lessons on all matters related to the construction and maintenance of your home. In contrast to the usual bickering between political parties two Porter County Council members, Democrat Gregg Simms and Republican Andy Bozak, talk about politics and have a lot of fun doing it on “Porter County Buzz.” One of my personal favorites is “ABC at Noon” and features Paul Schreiner and Larry Baas talking and commenting on an Agenda for a Better Community (Abcvalpo.org) and currently focusing on issues raised at the Valparaiso City Council meetings. Another favorite is the rotating series “Conversations with Community Voices” that features a weekly program where Paul Schreiner and Larry Baas, Valerie Steil, Becky Lambordini, and Don Evans rotate as hosts and talk to community members on a wide variety of issues. And for those interested in a more comprehensive look at the day to day news, “Democracy Now,” the independent news program featuring Amy Goodman, is aired twice a day during the week.

In other areas there are a variety of programs that don’t fall into any particular categories but provide more variety. For example, Ester Golden and Larry Brechner in “Art on the Air” spotlight local art events and interview local artists. In “Tune In,” Kealah Parkinson discusses topics related to mindfulness and metaphysical alternatives. Mark Maloney and his guests on “Coaches Corner” have one of the best radio sports talk shows that I have ever listened to. The Welcome Project’s show, “Listen Up” with Allison Schuette and Willow Walsh focuses on stories from residents of Northwest Indiana detailing experiences of what it means to be a good neighbor. And for something completely different, hosts Aidan Maloney and Kevan Boland present what they label a Gen-Z variety show program entitled “Guys being Dudes.”

This is just a limited review of WVLP programming and my apologies to some of my colleagues for not mentioning their programs. However, I hope I have mentioned enough to pique your interest. If you haven’t already, give a listen to WVLP (103.1) or go to our website WVLP.org to stream WVLP live. While you’re there, hit the donate button and contribute to your local, all volunteer, community radio station. And, if you have an idea for a radio program and you want to become a radio personality, give the station a call at 219-476-9000.