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Department Directory


Jeffrey Lewis — Principal, Design Organization


Ivan Bodensteiner — Professor of Law, Valparaiso University Law School


Lois Reiner — Citizen / Matriarch


Sharon Mortensen — Executive Director, PACT, Inc., CPA, Mortensen CPA Group

Larry Baas — Senior Research Professor Political Science, Valparaiso University
Heath Carter — Assistant Professor, Valparaiso University; Chair of the city of Valparaiso’s Human Relations Council
James Henderson — Retired; Economics Professor, Valparaiso University
Gregory Jones — Lecturer, Valparaiso University; Coordinator of the North West Indiana African American Alliance Inc.
Jan Jones — Housing Counselor, Housing Opportunities
Hannah Langhoff — Lecturer, Valparaiso University
Marjorie Leoschke — Community Member
Ted Ludwig — Professor Emeritus of Theology, Valparaiso University
Gail Lutze — Retired, Children’s Protective Services
Bryon Martin — Director of Multicultural Programs, Valparaiso University
Rebecca Reiner — Executive Director, Neighbors’ Educational Opportunities, Inc.
Chris Pupillo — Independent Creative Professional, Bright Idea Creative Services
Ed Senne — Associate Professor Emeritus of Theology, Valparaiso University; Founding Director of Hilltop Neighborhood House and Hilltop Health Center (now Healthlinc)
George Terrell — Board Chair & Communications Director, CATIS Mexico (Center for Appropriate Technology & Indigenous Sustainability)
Pat Terrell — Managing Principal, Health Management Associates
Michael Willard — Willard Enterprises, LLC; General and Mechanical Contractors

Executive Director

Paul Schreiner

Office Manager

Kate Gong