Building A Better Future

An affordable place to live is a prerequisite to a welcoming, productive, and healthy community.


Increasing Access To Education

Transforming futures by offering high school and adult education for those needing an alternative path to meet their goals. 

Giving Voice To Our Community

Providing platforms designed to lift up and amplify a wide range of voices and perspectives throughout Valparaiso.

Empowering Families To Succeed

Building on our legacy of creating a welcoming community that encourages learning, to growth, and a strong sense of belonging.


Project Neighbors is often called
“the best kept secret in town”! 

From our board membership to they way we operate, we are truly special among non-profit organizations. Even our motto, “Respect and encourage community,” doesn’t adequately describe the full range of our amazing accomplishments or the tenacious creativity of the Project Neighbors board and our partners.

Who are we.

What began as an exercise in relationship building ended up transforming individual lives and an entire community.

What we do.

We build a lot more than affordable housing!  Our board members, volunteers and supporters help to build a more equitable, inclusive and sustainable community for everyone.  

(our ethos)

See a need and help!

50 years ago, a small group of individuals started what would eventually become Project Neighbors. The concept was quite simple….see a need and help. Our amazing group of volunteers and financial supporters have helped sustain us for these 50 years, and the return on investment is simply amazing! Consider supporting Project Neighbor with a one-time on monthly contribution, the gift of your time, or partnering with us. Doing so is incredibly rewarding experience, and will make a difference a for so many in our community.

Make A Donation

Your contributions are what makes our work possible.
 Donate and help us to help others!

Become A Volunteer

Grab a hammer or paint brush and lend a hand! Whether you’re a skilled tradesperson, seasoned DIY-er, or an absolute novice, we can always use an extra pair hands.

Partner With Us

Project Neighbors has a long history of collaborating with individuals, faiths groups, civic organizations and other non-profits in support of our mission.

“One thing leads to another…”

What began as a small group of mainly Valparaiso University faculty couples has led to a five decade long legacy of collaboration.

Raising the bar

Eighteen community volunteers work in harmony to raise an 80″ section of wall on the Respite House II project, proof that amazing things can happen when we work together.

Our Community Partners

In the more than a quarter century of our existence, Project Neighbors has played a key role in the creation of several other organizations.

Let’s keep in touch!