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By George Terrell

Last year we worked to defend African-American students who had been bullied, unjustly disciplined, and retaliated against, and we were able to help convince the school administration to develop a plan to end the continued bullying and assist a student in academic success. We have worked with the administration over the past few years to implement restorative practices – a classroom procedure to resolve disputes and a transformative process alternative to mere punishment. They have begun providing training in restorative practices and we will encourage implementation as a classroom practice.

This fall, Allies will be planning our initiatives for the coming year. We will continue to encourage and provide resources for teaching the fuller and more accurate truth about our history of slavery and racial discrimination, including the laudable contributions of African Americans and native peoples as well as the brutality of slavery, Jim Crow, and systemic discrimination. If you would like to participate, email us at: and visit