Sample tracks

Nicole's Song

by Paul Schreiner | w/ Nicole lee on Piano

Couch Music

Thirty original songs written and performed by Project Neighbors’ very own, Paul Schreiner.  ALL PROCEEDS GO TO FUND PROJECT NEIGHBORS AND THEIR PROGRAMS.


CD of 30 songs

Confessions of a Compulsive Picker

Music is language.

Acoustic guitar music is intimate language, whispering, crying, mourning, celebrating, even dancing.  For me, creating this music is not optional. The guitar calls me to hold it, to touch the strings.

For me, the process of writing songs is an everyday activity, usually very early in the morning, or after an afternoon nap, or just before bed.

Writing this music was an end unto itself.  I had no intention of recording but was encouraged by Jane (my wife) to do so.  And this recording is the result.

For fifty plus years, she has cut my hair and listened to me wrestle with chord progressions over and over until I thought I had gotten it right.  She has never once said , “Oh no, not that again” as I reached for my guitar. Not once.

Because of that and LOTS of others reasons, I dedicate this collection of songs to her.

I hope you enjoy this music.  Listen while you do te dishes or take a bath or do some other quiet activity.