We build a lot more than affordable housing!

The history of Project Neighbors follows a long list of needs discovered and opportunities taken. Our broadly written mission, To strengthen he Valparaiso community by addressing issues of race, class and poverty, we strive to create healthy families and neighborhoods, where diversity of of all kinds is welcomed and cherished, has allowed Project Neighbors to engage in a wide rage of actions: housing, healthcare, daycare, public discourse, education, economic development and human relations.

Housing For All

The historical centerpiece of our efforts for more than 50 years.

Achieving Equity

Working to educate ourselves and our neighbors to transcend our cultural heritage of bias.


Providing alternative  pathways in high school and adult education.

Public Discourse

Broadcasting community radio and providing a forum for all.


Delivering healthcare to the uninsured and under-insured in our community. 

Early Childhood Education

Recognized as the leader in education-oriented day care.

Beyond Our Borders

Expanding our volunteer-driven model of service across the globe.

Community Organizing

Offering leadership to create power among the powerless.

Learn more about the non-profit organizations we helped create
and the comunity partners with which we work.

Meet our Amazing Team!


Paul Schreiner

Paul Schreiner

Executive Director

Father of four, writer, musician, tradesman, co-founder of Front Porch Music and former high school teacher. 

Greg Jones

Greg Jones

Community Organizer

Professor of Theology at Valparaiso University, founder of Union Community Church, host of Morning BLACK on WVLP, and officer of the Northwest Indiana African American Alliance.

Lois Reiner

Lois Reiner

Matriarch / Co-Founder

Mother of four, Co-founder of what became Project Neighbors in 1968, retired V.U. English professor.

Jeff Lewis

Jeff Lewis

Board President

Father of three, architect and principal at Shive-Hattery Architecture & Engineering.

Homes Built/Renovated

Children in daycare

Patients cared for

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I qualify for affordable housing?

If you think you can qualify, you probably can.  But realize that we are a very small organization building a couple living units per year and families rarely move out, so availability is very limited. When available we offer two and three bedroom houses for families and small studio apartments for single women.  We are working on a project for single men, but it is still on the drawing board. To confirm you qualify, simply contact Project Neighbors and fill out a housing application

How can I help Project Neighbors?

There are several ways. Establish contact with us to receive our frequent email “updates” and less frequent newsletter. Become educated on the issues facing marginalized people in our community and raise your voice when given the opportunity. Volunteer on a building project! No one is turned away on work days even if you think you have no skills.  Finally, send a contribution to sustain our 50-year-long, everyday efforts

Can my church or organization partner with Project Neighbors?

Absolutely! We do very little without partners; in fact, we believe in the idea of organizational partnerships because it is smart. You, representing your church or business or club, already are organized and have a collection of individuals who might want to help. In the past we have worked with lots of churches, insurance companies, other not-for-profits, construction companies and even a book club.

Let’s keep in touch!