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Project Neighbors’ ancient house at 505 Brown St. (reportedly a Sears package house) couldn’t be saved. Both the former owner and Walt, who negotiated a long-ago agreement-to-sell with him, have passed on. The cardboard on which they inked the agreement is dust. So is the front stoop on which those two old fellows made the deal. With constant fixing-up, PN was able to keep the roof solid over a family of six for many years. Barely. When the family moved on, we tackled the inevitable. Raze and build new.

The two-story, four-bedroom, many-windowed beauty taking over the 505 Brown Street address since June, is home to another family, who tell us “We thank God for the opportunity he has blessed us with to have such caring people willing to take time to build and provide us with a house”. They add, “May God continue to bless the work of your hands, Project Neighbors!”

This project would not have been possible without the efforts of Paul Schreiner, Mike Willard, Jeff Lewis, Ron and Linda Kuker, Ed Senne, a small army of volunteers from Trinity and Immanuel Churches, members of the Lutheran Deaconess Association, and many other loyal volunteers.

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