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When Project Neighbors purchased a four lot parcel of land on South Morgan Blvd in 2007, the vision was for a multiple story apartment building designed to serve about ten families. However, because of building codes and financial considerations, Project Neighbors decided to build four duplexes on the land. One lot was sold to Habitat for Humanity, which built the first duplex at the southern end of the property. Over the next four years, Project Neighbors, in partnership with Trinity Lutheran Church of Valpo, New Life Builders of Kouts, and lots of volunteers, built the next three duplexes. Thanks to the hundreds of hours of volunteer labor, all eight units are priced to be affordable, and all eight units have been leased to families with children.

We built houses, but the eight families that now occupy them have made them into HOMES. These homes are new, well designed, energy efficient and cost between 60-70% of market value. The project was completed in 2011 and is an example of what can be done with a clear vision, some guiding expertise and a community of volunteers with caring hearts, giving freely of their time and energy.

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